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    How can you choose the Best Yoga Studio Software?

    What do you think are the essentials of starting a Yoga Class? Finding a Place? Hiring appropriate staff? There is much more to it. If you plan to start your yoga class, all you need is a comprehensive studio management software. To become an entrepreneur is what you need here! You need to keep a […]

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    Tips for Attracting New Customers to Your Yoga Studio

    Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. It is all about discipline.  It takes time, dedication, and willpower to train your body and mind. The same is true about marketing. To get more yogis to your studio, you need discipline and the right marketing techniques to drawn […]

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    Boost Your Yoga Business : Pay Less, Get More

    The birth of a vision is the easy part. It’s simple to set your sights on an end goal, and get caught up in the success that could prevail from your grand idea. It’s harder cultivating that vision, and seeing the process through the obstacles you can encounter as a business entrepreneur. That kind of […]

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    Studio Management Software – Skip the Line and Save Time

    When I was growing up, and my attention span tended to be short and my patience thin, I always encountered a line. As much as it frustrated me, it became somewhat normal to me. You go to the grocery store, you wait in line. You get in a drive-thru, you wait in line. You go […]

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    The New Now

    We’ve all heard it before; that ancient expression our grandparents stressed to us at any given opportunity. You know the one; anything worth having is worth waiting for, or in simpler terms patience is a virtue. As we grew, we learned to respect it, maybe even embrace it, and somewhere along the way we started […]

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