2023’s Top Web Design Trends Forecasted

It’s that time of year again: the time when we look back on the previous 12 months and predict what’s to come. And this year, we’re looking at web design trends.

Web design trends have always been important to us here at My Best Studio, so we’ve carefully analyzed all the data from the past year to give you a sense of what’s coming next—and why it will be important for your brand.

We’ve identified 2023’s top web design trends:

1. Less is more
A new focus on simplicity will dominate design trends in the new year. The less is morephilosophy is achieved by using only elements that are absolutely necessary to a given design. Using less to achieve an effect that’s more than the sum of the design’s parts is the goal.

2. More focus on user experience
In the new year UX design trends will prioritize user experience itself over ease of use and speed. It’s all about making unique memories with the brand.

3. More Chatbots
The best part about chatbots is that they’re always available—even when you’re not! They can be set up to respond to certain keywords or phrases, so users don’t have to wait for a human representative to get back to them. This means they’re great for handling common questions and requests that come up again and again

4. Mobile-friendly sites will be the norm
Adaptive design will become more common and websites will increasingly be sized and coded for easy interaction on a mobile device.

5. The rise Of VR/AR
Immersive and interactive content has a definite effect on the increase in engagement rates which tends to boost conversion as a whole.

6. More focus on video
Video has been huge for a while now—and it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon! If you want your site to really stand out from the crowd and make an impression on potential customers, then consider adding some videos into your design plan for next year (or even this fall).

7. More GIFs
We’ve seen a lot of GIFs over the last few years, and they’re not going anywhere soon! They’re an easy way to add some visual interest to your site without having to spend a ton of time creating graphics or animations from scratch.

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