The Beginners Guide To Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness can be fun, scary and entertaining all at the same time. But newbies should rest assured that aerial classes are designed for everyone. From gentle introductory sessions to more advanced offerings that combine dynamic fitness with aerial dance moves or even circus-style tricks, there’s a class for everyone.

It’s a full body workout
Fitness classes at an aerial fitness studio can be an exciting way to get a full-body workout in a short period of time. Classes are available for all ages and skill levels and can be an effective way to improve overall strength, flexibility, posture and more.

It strengthens every muscle group in your body
Aerial fitness incorporates dance, fitness and strength training into a coordinated flow of movement. It helps you develop total body strength, improve flexibility and core strength, increase balance and control over your body!

It covers a variety of styles
Aerial fitness workouts typically incorporate equipment like hoops, fabric, or trapeze. This is used to suspend users into mid air and allows for a 360-degree movement. The average aerial device supports up to 1000 pounds and the best part is that it invites people of every age, body shape and size. It’s not just for the fit or daring!

It’s different from regular exercises you do at the gym
Aerial workouts often include inversions and other movements that could cause dizziness and nausea, especially to newbies. Its recommended to drink lots of water before and after going to your first class. Simple, easy-to-digest food like oatmeal, bananas, toast are ideal.  In general, avoid heavy food within 2 hours of your class.

Final words
Remember that each person’s body is different. So let your instructor be your aerial fitness guide. Leave your expectations behind, especially when you go for your first class. Some studios might even sell merchandise such as aerial silks for beginners, which you could purchase. However, if you’re looking for the best aerial silks for beginners or anything else, its always best to check multiple aerial fitness websites for options available.