Best Software Tools Every Pilates Studio Needs

If you are a Pilates studio owner, you know how important it is to have the right tools on your side. You want to be able to deliver the best possible experience for your clients, and that means that you need to know what tools are out there so that you can make the most informed decisions.

So, what are some of the best software features for a Pilates studio? Here are our top picks:

Pilates class scheduling and bookings
Leading fitness software provider, My Best Studio has a specialized Pilates studio management software product that helps you manage class bookings and your studio schedule with ease.Schedule virtual & in-person pilates classes, check your schedule at any time, schedule instructor substitutes and more. You can also, reschedule pilates classes with a few clicks.

Pilates appointments
Your clients might want to book a group pilates session or a private one. Whatever their preferences, you can easily manage every type of client appointment from the pilates studio management software. What’s more, you even have the option to set up recurring appointments.

Managing pilates instructors & other employees
From enrollment of new pilates instructors and employees to defining access rights to the pilates studio software, managing payments on your terms and more, this software has been smartly designed to consider every need. It even allows you to view employees clock in and clock out times and manage salary payouts accordingly.

Client management
How well you maintain client relationships often defines the future success of your business. It is harder to acquire new customers from scratch compared to leveraging your existing client base to create good word of mouth for your business. My Best Studio’s pilates studio management software lets you manage all your clients’ personal information, take down notes and set up alerts for instructors to track their progress. You can also get feedback and ratings from your clients and get a quick view on pilates instructors’ performance.

Pilates pricing packages
From pricing the different types of pilates classes to membership plans, recurring membership options, packages and more, the pilates studio software is designed to handle it all.  the fitness management software helps you manage it all.  Set up early bird offers & discounts, control late cancels and levy penalties as per your internal company policies.

Comprehensive reports
With access to 80+ varied reports, you can track the most important aspects of your studio performance. Keep a tab on your sales figures, actual revenue and instructor based income reports, numbers of classes booked and cancelled, pending payments and more.

Real time support
When you sign up with a software provider like My Best Studio you can be assured of free support via email and scheduled support calls at any time. A comprehensive help section is always at hand for you to explore and address minor fixes yourself.

Explore whether My Best Studio’s pilates studio management software is right for your business today!