Ten Things NOT To Do at the Gym

As important as it is to know how to get in a great workout, its also essential to know what not to do at the gym. Here’s a quick checklist.

1. Don’t wear your workout clothes to the gym
You’ll get sweaty and gross even before you start working out.Change into your workout clothes once you reach the gym so you start your workout feeling fresh and motivated.

2. Don’t wear perfume/cologne/body spray to the gym.
There are few things worse than having to smell someone’s overpowering perfume. It will get in the way of other people’s workouts, and they may not want to be around you if they can smell it on you.

3. Don’t eat at the gym.
Eating before the gym is a no no but eating at the gym is even worse. It’s bad for two reasons: First, it can distract others from their workouts because they’ll be focused on what you’re eating; second, it could make other people think they should also be allowed to eat there—and this could lead to an increase in food consumption at the gym.

4. Don’t bring kids with you when you go to the gym
Children are not allowed at most gyms because of liability issues: If something goes wrong while a child is present (like tripping over an electrical cord), or if they spoil gym equipment, those responsible could lose their jobs or face criminal charges. Also, children require constant supervision—and no one has time for that!

5. Don’t talk about how much weight to do on the leg or bench press
When someone asks how much weight you do on the bench press, don’t brag about it. Everyone knows that’s a lie anyway.

6. Don’t drop weights when you’re lifting them off the rack
This can actually cause injury to your hand. Additionally, don’t lift weights that are heavier than what they recommend for your level of fitness—you’ll just hurt yourself by overdoing it!

7. Don’t forget to hydrate throughout all of your workouts
Everyone knows the importance of hydration after exercise. But taking small sips as you workout is also key. Water is crucial for replenishing all the sweat that comes along with working out hard enough to make yourself sweat (which most people don’t realize until they try).

8. Don’t be afraid to try new things at the gym
There are tons of different new workouts to try, classes, and machines available that might just surprise you with how good they feel!

9. Don’t talk on the phone while you’re working out
No one wants to know your menu plan for the day, how nasty your boss is or whether your boyfriend might be cheating on you. Talking on the phone is disrespectful to other people using the gym or fitness studio and demotivates them from achieving their goals.

10. Don’t take selfies in the locker room
Not only does this make you look ridiculous, you could be coming in the way of people who just want to change and get down to business. Remember working out is about self-improvement and putting pictures on Instagram doesn’t get you any closer to your fitness goals.

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