How the Right Website Can Grow Your Yoga Studio

If you’re a yoga studio owner, you know how important it is to make sure your business is running as smoothly as possible. From managing your schedule to keeping track of payments, there’s a lot to do. And if you want to stay ahead of the game and grow your business, you need to stay ahead of the game by ensuring your brand is visible to potential customers and always top of mind. One of the best way to do this is investing in a professionally designed brand website.

Let’s take a look at some ways that the right website can help you grow your yoga studio?

Here are five:

1. Establishes trust among potential customers
Let’s say that you hear about a particular brand or service from friends or acquaintances. What are you likely to do next? Look it up, of course! If you don’t find a brand website when you’re looking for it, you’re likely to look at other options on your search results. Not having a brand website could mean that you lose out on acquiring customers that could translate into consistent revenue for your business.

2. Helps you communicate your brand vision
Customers today, more than ever before, want to invest in products and services that are aligned with their values and goals. Are you a body positive yoga studio? Are you committed to helping people live not just long but healthier lives through yoga? Do you want to advocate for the benefits of yoga in preventing disease? Every business is backed by a story and customers want to know yours. When customers believe in your yoga studio and how it can enrich their lives, they are more likely to want to be associated with you and even recommend your brand to their network.

3. A one-stop destination for all the information on your services
Do you offer power yoga? Hot yoga? Yoga for pregnancy? What are your credentials? Who are your instructors? What is the cost of your yoga classes and memberships?A yoga studio website is the one online resource that can offer trusted information on your services, discounts, future plans and more. While your social channels can take the conversation further and engage with customers, the first stop to get information about your brand will always be the brand website – its irreplaceable.

4. Lets you identify qualified leads and engage with them
One of the biggest mistakes that yoga studio websites make is failing to have a contact us form or creating a poorly designed one. Once you create an easy access point for customers to get in touch with you, you can identify the customers who are genuinely curious or interested in your service, go after them and convert them into brand loyalists. Make sure your form is always working and preferably offer an email address and phone number so they can contact you directly if they choose to. Including a physical address will help drive footfalls to your studio as many customers nearby might want to check out your space before they sign up for a yoga membership.

5. Gives customers a way to contact you to address grievances and concerns
To maintain a roster of satisfied customers you need to open up two-way communication. Customers need to know that you care and are responsive to their issues, big or small. Your website offers an official communication channel for customers to share honest feedback about your yoga studio. Getting feedback will help you see patterns in how your business can improve and help you grow your yoga studio and list of satisfied customers over time.