Why ‘MyBestStudio’ Is The Best

Have you ever had to remember countless names with outstanding dues for your studio? Or have you ever had to go through books and files go find that one little detail? Hard, isn’t it? That’s where human limitation meets machine dynamics. We at ‘My Best Studio’ design management softwares to make sure that you can get anything you want by one click. Here are a few reasons why we are the best for you.

1. Integrated solutions from start to finish for your studio
We provide for every detail, and make sure that your software is perfect and personalized for your studio to get optimum utilization and maximum results.

2. Studio Management Software
Our studio management software is very powerful and attractive. It easily manages the daily operations of your studio. It is easy to use and very affordable at $55/month for any size studio.

3. Communities we serve
We serve a vast number of communities like yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, fitness, personal training and cross fit. We specialize in studio management software, website development, marketing and POS for them.

4. Point of sale
By using our gateway, studio owners will save money due to less POS rates. We provide auto billing and security for recurring fees or memberships. We also make sure that client information is always protected.

We provide easy and effective ways to make your studio more comfortable for you and your customers.