Improve Your Workout in 6 Easy Steps

You know you should be exercising more, but the idea of a workout can seem overwhelming. The best workout is the one that you actually do. The more you exercise, the more benefits you’ll see. But sometimes it can feel like a lot of work to get it all together.

Here are 5 easy steps that will help you improve your workout routine.

1. Make sure you have everything you need
Before starting your workout, pick a place where you’re comfortable and have everything you need in one place (a gym bag with clothes and shoes, water bottle, etc.)

2. Warm up by doing some stretches
Doing some light jogging before jumping into heavy lifting is a good way to warm up your body and ready it for an intense workout session

3. Don’t overdo it
If something doesn’t feel right, stop doing it! Recovering from injury can be painful but if it happens, you need to give your body time to heal.

4. Find an activity that you enjoy doing
Most people complain how hard it is to stick to a workout but it’s more likely that you’ll keep doing it if you enjoy it!

5. Take a break between sets of exercises
Taking breaks is actually necessary and beneficial. To get the most out of your workout you need to let your muscles recover and build up strength for the next set of exercises!

6. Workout in a positive, comfortable space
Make sure your workout space has good lighting, air circulation, and privacy (if possible). Scheduling a private class in a personal training studio is a good idea.

Finally, remember that if you want to get the most out of your workout, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. This will help you avoid skipping workouts later on in the day due to fatigue or busyness.

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How To Be The Best Personal Trainer

Do you want to be the best personal trainer? We’ll give you the tools you need to get there. The following are important things for a personal trainer to know and some of the signs of a good personal trainer.

Understand the human body
First, you’ll need a deep understanding of how the body works. You can’t just make up exercises and hope they work—you have to know what muscles are being targeted, and why those muscles are important.

Learn about exercise safety
Start learning about exercise safety. What’s too much weight for a client? How do I spot someone who needs help? How do I know when someone has had enough? These questions are all part of being a safe, responsible trainer. Plan ahead for any potential situations you may encounter during a session (e.g., an injury or medical conditions).

Be an expert in your field
Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in fitness and nutrition. Get a personal trainer certification. Have a passion for your job and know what you’re talking about. Its vital that you have a lot of experience under your belt—the more, the better! Even if you’re just starting out, work on developing your skills regularly and aim to become an expert.

Be invested in your clients success
The best personal trainers are the ones that can make their clients feel comfortable while they push them to their limits. This is why it’s important for you to be able to connect with your clients on a personal level. If you don’t get along with your client, then they won’t want to work with you—and if they don’t want to work with you, then it all falls apart.

Adjust your training style
You need to understand how people learn best and how to be flexible and adjust your teaching style accordingly. This will help you connect with clients on a deeper level as well as keep them engaged throughout their workouts.

Never be judgmental
Be a good listener and ensure that you understand the goals of your client. Try not to be overly critical of your client and respect that the pace of learning and improvement will be different from one person to another.  Body sensitivities are real, so be as empathetic and compassionate as you can.

Be open to feedback from customers
Ask questions, such as: “How did the workout go?” or “What do you think about this meal plan?”. Ask for constructive feedback on each session and work on developing a healthy professional relationship with your clients.

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