Pilates Studio Software To Grow Your Business

We know running a business is hard work—but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! With the right Pilates Studio management Software, running your pilates studio will be easier than ever before.To grow your business, you need a software that keeps you organized and on track.

My Best Studio’s Pilates Studio Software is designed to give you everything you need to run a successful Pilates studio. The software helps you manage clients, schedule classes, track payments, and more. It even comes with a mobile app so you can access all of this information wherever you go!

It is more important than ever before to have a system that helps you grow your business. With a software that is designed specifically for Pilates studios, you can avail of a range of features designed to make your life easier. Here’s what you can do with a pilates studio software and how it can help you manage and grow your business.

  • Track pilates classes and workshops
    Keep a track of all pilates sessions – whether online or in person – easily with our pilates class booking software.
  • Set up individual pilates appointments
    Clients can choose to schedule private, semi-private or recurring appointment bookings in just a few seconds.
  • Check attendance
    Easily track attendancewith the pilates software‘s check-in and check-out monitoring function.
  • Manage controls of pilates studio staff
    Manage rights and restrictions of new staff members on your pilates studio software while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Set up reminders for payments and autocharge options
    Set up reminders for due or lapsed client payments and auto charge recurring pilatesmemberships.
  • Manage salary payments of pilates instructors
    Track clock in & clock out times and release salary payouts according to the terms of your pilates studio.
  • Get client reviews
    Customer feedback is what helps you improve and keep growing. A pilates studio management software with an in-built rating system can help you always have a pulse on how your customers feel about the quality of service at your pilates studio.
  • Manage retail sales
    Whether its pilates instructional videos or accessories that you want to sell, you can manage all your retail sales and keep track of inventory from the pilates studio management software.

Still need more information? Visit My Best Studio to understand all the features of the pilates studio management software.