10 Mistakes You Need To STOP Making In Pilates Class

Pilates is a great way to get fit, improve your posture and flexibility, strengthen your back and tone your stomach, thighs and bottom. The demand for pilates and pilates class scheduling solutions has picked up considerably in recent years and in fact many business owners are choosing pilates studio management software like this one to run their business.

We asked some leading pilates instructors for their top tips on making the most of a workout in pilates class – avoid these ten common mistakes and you’ll be well on the way to feeling like a pro.

Mistake #1: Getting your alignment wrong when you move between positions
Inpilates, the “center” is what you should be holding all your moves from, and should always be kept in alignment as you move through poses to avoid straining muscles or putting unnecessary pressure on any certain part of the body.

Mistake #2: Not breathing
Proper breathing is essential to proper core engagement, and the most common form used in Pilates is called lateral thoracic breathing. The focus on proper breathing can help you make the most of your core correctly, as well as help you to calm your mind.

Mistake #3: Equating strong abs with a strong pelvic floor
Pelvic floor exercises are the only way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Period.

Mistake #4: Doing only the moves you like instead of the moves you need
Know what you need to get out of your exercises. To counteract the desk life and reverse the look of our rounded shoulders, do your darts, your back extensions. If facing a computer all day, do arm openings and rotations – don’t do more stomach crunches that bring you back to where you started!

Mistake #5: Not being consistent with the workout
Many people believe that one pilates class per week is enough to create big results for your body over time. Only when you are consistent will you start seeing significant health improvements.

Mistake #6: Competing with others
Exercise is not a competition, so don’t compare yourself to others. Strive for progress and not perfection.

Mistake #7: Hurting your neck during crunches
For years when it came to crunches, the experts warned against putting your hands behind your head. But now certified fitness instructors agree that when it comes to curl-ups, you should use your hands to help hold your head up!

Mistake #8: Over engaging your pelvic floor
When you over recruit your pelvic floor, it basically means that the muscles of your pelvic floor are working too hard or in an imbalanced manner.

Mistake #9:Rushing through movements
Sometimes it’s actually more difficult to do something slower than it is quick. If you’re doing a hip roll and you’re doing it very slowly, you’ll need to really control it over a period of time. If you do it quickly then it’s just your legs doing the work. You should try to focus and work slowly and precisely.

Mistake #10: Giving up after the first class
People often give up on pilates classes too soon after only one or two classes. Mental preparation and not quitting too soon are essential for giving any new exercise a real shot.

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