How to Increase Client Revisits to Your Fitness, Pilates Or Yoga Studio?

Owners of Yoga, Pilates, and fitness studios are usually most concerned about retaining their clients and increasing client revisits. It is a no-brainer that acquiring new customers is more difficult than retaining existing ones. To make sure that you are getting a good amount of client revisits, it is important let them know that they are special to you and are valued customers.

Let’s take a look at 6 effective ways to get more clients to revisit your studio! 

  1. Offer incentives by organizing contests
    To increase your client engagement, organize a contest or challenge. Ask your clients to find a partner and together refer people to your studio. Announce prizes for the partners who refer the most people. This will endorse the principles of teamwork. Some of your clients may even invite their friends to the studio, which will help you get new leads. You can also implement social media marketing for your yoga studio or whatever studio you may have, and hold a giveaway on Instagram or whatever platform you prefer. You can even get assistance from local businesses who can sponsor your competitions, which can help you reduce the costs.
  1. Send out handwritten notes to your customers
    If you appreciate your customer’s fitness awareness or how they have been consistently coming to your studio, send out a handwritten note to them acknowledging their hard work. You can even send out a re-engagement note to the inactive customers and inspire them to revisit your studio.
  1. Make a call to your clients
    You can call your clients saying that you value their presence at your studio. The holiday season is a great opportunity to do this. You can also have your customers share their birthdays and call them on these special occasions or delight them with a gift they would love.
  1. Encourage them to renew their membership prior to the expiry date
    It is a huge turn-off for clients when they find out it’s the last day to renew the membership if they wish to continue being a client. Inform the client long before their current membership expires so that they can purchase their next one within the needed time frame. This will reduce last-minute hassles for your customer.
  1. Hold specialty classes
    You can hold some specialty classes for post-natal mothers or pregnant women. You can also create groups for golfers, cyclists, equestrians, skiers etc. so they connect with like-minded clients.
  1. Pick a reasonable price
    You should not lose existing clients because your price is too expensive for them. My Best Studio can help you with all your concerns, including pricing structure. Your price should match market standards, but give you a considerable profit margin as well.

In a Nutshell
Your fitness, Pilates, or Yoga studio should be able to retain the existing clients while also generating new leads for a steady flow of revenue. Feel free to incorporate the ideas shared here to show appreciation to your clients and have them keep revisiting you. Also, using social media marketing for yoga studios and fitness studios can also bring in new customers who discover you online.  A long-lasting customer relationship is what My Best Studio strongly advocates, especially if you want to build a good reputation in the field and within your clients.