How to Sell Your Fitness, Yoga or Pilates Studio Membership

Are you a gym manager or the CEO of a fitness studio? Do you want new memberships for your fitness, Yoga or Pilates studio? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place. With the rapid increase in fitness and thus various fitness studios, it has become difficult to bring in new memberships and attract fitness fanatics to choose your studio. It is imperative to have effective advertising and marketing ideas that work.

Here are some pro tips to help you sell your fitness, yoga or pilates studio membership.

Get help from FitnessTexter

FitnessTexter is a great tool to use to market your studio. It gives a texting code to the studio and you can place this code on websites, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, email signatures, business cards and flyers. Your target audience will therefore have easy access to your promotional deals and you will get a business lead. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Offer training classes

People often won’t continue their fitness studio membership because not enough classes are provided. If you want to gain new studio memberships, while retaining the old ones, you should offer a variety of classes like Zumba dance, TRX, abdominal classes, cardio kickboxing, and more. You can even hold Yoga classes in your Pilates studio. This increases the options for your members, allowing them to stay inspired and motivated to renew their memberships.

Just remember that your clients will have different preferences and you should follow a customer-centric approach by catering to their interests and keeping things exciting.

Have dedicated trainers

Your trainers should be dedicated and considerate to your clients. Your clients are there to be fit and healthy, therefore you should make sure that the trainers believe in the importance of customer-service. They should make working out delightful for the clients and teach them the correct methods to exercise. They should themselves be physically fit and health conscious or have experience training people in different workout techniques. If your client is performing a hard lift, your trainer should be there to encourage them and prevent them from getting injured. Short-tempered trainers are a strict no-no in any fitness studio.

Use referral marketing to your advantage

The “Refer-a-Friend’ program is gaining a lot of popularity these days. No marketing strategy can beat word-of-mouth publicity from your existing customers. Drive more sales by cashing in on their positive reviews and testimonials. Offer incentives for every successful referral who has signed up for your studio membership. You can either offer a discount or free membership for a specific period to the referrers.

Partner with local businesses

If you have a Yoga studio, you can partner with other fitness studios, gyms or pilates studios. The shortcomings of a Yoga workout can be improved with gym training. Complementary workouts are always more exciting than doing the same monotonous exercises. You can even offer a couple of free Yoga classes to the fitness studio members. By doing so, you open new avenues to your members and both the businesses can generate higher revenue.

Stay open at peak hours

It is a great idea to have your studio open 24×7 for your members. You should recruit fewer people for the slow hours, but have more trainers for the peak hours. If you want your studio to have a better business growth, you should have efficient staff members and be open to cater to a large amount of people. Your members should be able to workout at your gym whenever they want to, that’s the whole idea! The experts at My Best Studio can help you in increasing your studio memberships.

Get corporate clients at your studio

Large businesses and corporate clients can drive great results for your Yoga, Pilates or fitness studio. Bulk membership at discounted rates is a great idea to get new memberships. It does take a lot of effort but if this works, you will definitely boost your sales!

Free memberships work better than discounts

You can offer a trial membership to new customers so that they can get an idea about the kinds of programs you offer. Once they have tried it and like the service, you will be more likely to receive a full price membership from them. Also note that this will not cut down your profit margins if you get a lot of memberships.

Get help from Google Adwords if you have a small business

It’s quite expensive to invest in Google Adwords. However, this can be a great and effective tool if you want to get your business on the first page of a Google search. Doing this can get your business great brand visibility on the digital platform.

Social Media should be used sparingly

Facebook and Twitter can promote your gym, but they should only be used up to a certain point. It should not be the only form of advertising you are conducting. Instagram is a good way to get new memberships for your fitness studio. Leverage newspaper advertising along with digital marketing.

Wrapping Up

New studio memberships won’t happen overnight. It takes time and should be a long-term goal. If you need any assistance with your promotion deals or marketing ideas, My Best Studio would love to help you out.