Software Features to Grow Your Fitness Studio

Scheduling & booking
A fitness studio software like My Best Studio lets you effortlessly schedule sessions right from the software interface. Schedule virtual & in-person workshops and classes, view your schedule on your terms, schedule instructor substitutes and more. You can also monitor client books, rescheduled classes and cancellations at a glance. And that’s not all. The software also lets you seamlessly integrate your studio schedule on your brand website. It’s thoughtfully designed to grow your fitness business.

Client appointments
Whether you want to schedule open appointment, semi-private or trio sessions, you can do it all from your fitness studio management software. View and set up recurring appointments in seconds.

Client relationship management
Maintaining client relationships is one of the most important aspects of business success. Now, delight your clients by managing their fitness journey right from the fitness management software dashboard.  The software allows you to set up unlimited clients, securely manage confidential client information, write client notes and set up alerts for instructors to track progress and more. Plus get class reviews and ratings to keep a tab on the performance of your studio’s instructors.

Instructor & employee management
Manage all staff related decisions from the fitness club software. Enroll instructors and employees, allow or restrict access to confidential studio features based on your preferences, manage instructor payments on your terms and more. You can also manage employee’s salary pay outs by quickly viewing their clock in and clock out times.

From class pricing to membership plans, package deals and recurring membership options, the fitness management software helps you manage it all.  Set up early bird offers & discounts, control late cancels and levy penalties as per your internal company policies.

Optimize processes in real time and improve your business strategy with access to 80+ dynamic reports on your studio performance. View everything from finance reports on the sales summary, actual revenue and instructor based income reports to details on classes  and workshops booked, cancellations and payments due. Retail reports allow you to easily track inventory,  product sales data, product wise P&L, vendor wise sales & more.

If you’re using a fitness studio software, you should be able to personalize it the way you want to via multiple configuration settings.  My Best Studio’s 125+ configuration settings gives you micro level control over how you want to manage your fitness studio.

24×7 Support
Any good fitness studio management software should offer you timely support when and where you  need it. My Best Studio’s fitness studio management software offers real-time support via email as well as the option to schedule a support call at any time, at no additional cost. You also have access to a comprehensive help section that covers every aspect of the software so you can fix minor issues yourself

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5 Important Data Points You Can Track With A Fitness Management Software

One way is to use a fitness management software like My Best Studio. With My Best Studio, you can track all of the important data points you need in order for your business to run smoothly.

Membership Recruitment
Make sure your gym is growing with this key metric. A fitness club software tracks how many new memberships were added over the past week/month/year, as well as how many memberships were canceled in that same period of time. This helps you make sure you’re getting enough new memberships—and keeping them!

Member Retention
This tells you how long a member has been with the gym and whether or not they’re likely to stick around for another year or more. If someone’s been with your gym for less than 6 months and has already canceled their membership once (or twice), then there might be something going on that requires intervention from management before they leave for good! A fitness studio management software helps you retain your important members.

Member Engagement
This one’s all about tracking which members are using their membership regularly (which means they’re getting results!) versus those who show up every once in a while, but never really get anything done

Payment information
Review your income statements, manage payouts of all the employees on your payroll, and define terms that work for your business. You can also send payment reminders and auto charge payments for memberships.

Employee Management
Define access rights with the right staff and employee access controls, manage payments with flexible instructor payment modules and check instructor availability whenever you choose.

These are just a few of the benefits of a fitness center software. To know more click here.