Point of Sale Software- A Necessity

Along with all the administrative tasks that needs to be done at your studio, accepting payments just adds to the stress. We all know how exhausting it is to manage numerous accounts. Therefore, it is essential to have a system that keeps track of those who have and haven’t made their payments.

It is impossible to remember all those who have made a payment, which is where human limitations meets machine intervention. My Best Studio’s software can integrate credit card payment gateway right into your website and release you from your financial stress.

Why Choose My Best Studio’s Software?

Point of Sale integration can help you set up recurring billing for any type of studio from dance studios, yoga studios, and martial arts studios to gyms.

My Best Studio offers integration of your credit card system regardless of your business size.

Credit Card Terminal Included
We provide a credit card terminal that will make credit card transactions all the more easier for you. Through these terminals, you will be able to save money as well as process any voids or returns through WiFi, 3G, Ethernet, or phone line.

Low Point of Sale Rates
We have low Point of Sale (POS) rates on our payment gateways to help you reduce any additional expenses.

Recurring fees and memberships will be easier to manage through our auto-billing functionality. Also, please rest assured that your client information will be safe and secure with our software solutions.

Credit card integration will allow you to be able to sell your services online as well as through a physical storefront, and it saves you money on the credit card fees.

Wrapping Up 

You obviously started a fitness studio to make a living doing the thing you love.  Credit card integration in your studio software will save you time and money, so you can spend more time on your clients.  If you have any questions regarding security, hidden charges or other important financial concerns, our customer support specialists would be happy to answer them!

Studio Management Software – Skip the Line and Save Time

When I was growing up, and my attention span tended to be short and my patience thin, I always encountered a line. As much as it frustrated me, it became somewhat normal to me. You go to the grocery store, you wait in line. You get in a drive-thru, you wait in line. You go to Disneyland; you wait in VERY long lines. It was clearly a way of life. Until, suddenly as I got older, it wasn’t anymore. Lines today are shorter or non-existent because of technological strides that we’ve made as a society. Looking back I realize now how much of our lives are wasted by waiting. Now that I’ve gained back such a huge portion of my time, I’ve accomplished so much more in a day. That’s what people want. To make the most of the time they have, and spend less of their lives waiting. Which is why certain POS solutions are desirable to the audience it caters to. Fitness is a vital component to our success and happiness, but it often falls low on our list of priorities. Not because we don’t care, but because the initial transaction requires too much time. Many studios emphasize a face-to-face signup, and that notion alone is unappealing to the businesses savvy that spend too much time in an office, and don’t want the added hassle of making a detour on their commute home. People want to obtain a product or service by simply clicking a button, and with studio management software that’s exactly what they’ll get.

We’re typically used to the point of a sale occurring over a cash register in a boutique or via a receptionist at a front desk whose taking your check and writing you a receipt for the class you just sweated through. But smart studios that are focused on building their empire won’t just satisfy the market of people who prefer to do things this way. By utilizing studio management software, you’ll be creating a bigger market and tapping into a population that older studios don’t have access to. You’ll attract old and new by maintaining a business that can either be obtained through the ease of a click of a button, or through the valued norm of an over the counter exchange. People who don’t utilize studio management software are isolating an active part of the public. Which is why, if you want to be successful, you have to embrace old traditions as well as modern ways.

By using this software, you’ll receive:

-lower rates

-generate more business by creating an online store

-save time and stress by auto-billing

– receive the hardware you need to garner the most sales

-guaranteed security with customer’s sensitive information

So expand your market today, and let those who worry about time skip the line. Your successful fitness studio will thank you in the long run for learning to cater to all ends of the spectrum, and your empire will flourish because of it. Watch and see.