Ways To Improve Your Dance Studio

For any new and upcoming dance studio, getting customers and long term clients is not easy. It takes years of build up and hard work. But if you want the work to be efficient, then here are a few methods to improve your studio.

1. Location
The location of your studio is of utter importance. Choose a place where there is no competition around and where there is no other studio. This way people will come to your studio at their convenience.

2. Trends
Do your research of current trends and operate your studio accordingly. You might have to change a certain way but it will only benefit you. People are attracted to latest trends and want to be a part of it so they will come to your studio.

3. Music
Dance and music go hand in hand and the better the music, the more fun the dance. Work on upcoming music which your clients enjoy. This will give them a sense of confidence and due to the increase in familiarity of pace, they will only want to come back.

4. Easy access
Provide your customers easy access to the studios schedules and timings so they can attend at their convenience. The My Best Studio app which comes for free with our studio management software will help you to do so.

5. Organize
Keep your dance studio organized and keep every detail in order. As mentioned previously, our dance studio management software, will help you to do so. We provide facilities like a free app, unlimited employee login, schedules, easy customer access, over 50 different types of progress reports and much more.


Point of Sale Software- A Necessity

Along with all the administrative tasks that needs to be done at your studio, accepting payments just adds to the stress. We all know how exhausting it is to manage numerous accounts. Therefore, it is essential to have a system that keeps track of those who have and haven’t made their payments.

It is impossible to remember all those who have made a payment, which is where human limitations meets machine intervention. My Best Studio’s software can integrate credit card payment gateway right into your website and release you from your financial stress.

Why Choose My Best Studio’s Software?

Point of Sale integration can help you set up recurring billing for any type of studio from dance studios, yoga studios, and martial arts studios to gyms.

My Best Studio offers integration of your credit card system regardless of your business size.

Credit Card Terminal Included
We provide a credit card terminal that will make credit card transactions all the more easier for you. Through these terminals, you will be able to save money as well as process any voids or returns through WiFi, 3G, Ethernet, or phone line.

Low Point of Sale Rates
We have low Point of Sale (POS) rates on our payment gateways to help you reduce any additional expenses.

Recurring fees and memberships will be easier to manage through our auto-billing functionality. Also, please rest assured that your client information will be safe and secure with our software solutions.

Credit card integration will allow you to be able to sell your services online as well as through a physical storefront, and it saves you money on the credit card fees.

Wrapping Up 

You obviously started a fitness studio to make a living doing the thing you love.  Credit card integration in your studio software will save you time and money, so you can spend more time on your clients.  If you have any questions regarding security, hidden charges or other important financial concerns, our customer support specialists would be happy to answer them!

Choosing the right studio software- a challenge or a breeze?

Have you ever shown up for a multiple choice test unprepared? Tough, isn’t it?

The same kind of analogy can be used if you are planning on purchasing a fitness studio software.

If you have done your homework , then you know exactly what you need in order to meet your business goals. Therefore, choosing the right software should be a breeze!

However, if you’re not sure what you need, choosing the software that best suits your fitness studio may be more challenging.

To make it easier, My Best Studio  has provided a list of some features you should look for in a studio management software.

Do a Background Check on the Software

Run a background check on the software you’re interested in and read the reviews/testimonials of their customers. This will give you an idea on the kind of services they offer and if they are qualified in their industry. Capterra is a good site that provides genuine reviews for free.

Adapt to Mobile Devices

The world is going mobile and it is important that your fitness studio software can adapt to mobile phones. If the software you are planning to buy does not meet this requirement, you should probably go with a different one. We at My Best Studio have designed mobile responsive websites for our customers based in various locations from San Diego to Chicago, Ontario, and more. Whether you own a gym, dance studio or fitness training studio, we cater to all these industries.

Avoid Signing Long Term Contracts

The studio management software should be cost effective and allow you to quickly set up of your business. You should not be bound by a long-term contract, the service should be good and offers you flawless customer support.

Watch Out for Additional Costs of Adding Users

There are certain studio management software companies who charge for every new user added onto the database. We advise you to avoid such companies. It might not seem like a big issue when you are just starting up but as your business grows, it can go beyond your budget.

Automated Processes

The main goal of a studio management software is to streamline manual processes and save you time and effort. You should take not of all administrative tasks that requires manual effort and make sure that the software takes care of all of them for you.

Wrapping Up

While all these options in studio software solutions may make it harder for you to select the right one to manage your studio, if you have your priorities sorted it should make things a lot easier.

If you find yourself stuck at any point, the experts at My Best Studio are there to answer all your questions, no matter how trivial they are! Feel free to call us to see if our studio management software is the right one for you!