Dance as a form of fitness

Dance is defined as an act of performing arts where humans execute specified sequenced movements. Different countries and cultures have different dance forms. 9,000-year-old paintings in India at the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, and Egyptian tomb paintings depicting dancing figures, dating as old as 3300 BC depict the history of dance.

But today, thousands of people around the world are incorporating dance in their daily life as a form of fitness. This is because dance has several health benefits and is enjoyable to do. Dance has several health benefits like:-

  1. Improving the condition of the heart and lungs
  2. Increased muscular strength
  3. Endurance and motor fitness
  4. Increased aerobic fitness
  5. Increased muscle tone and strength
  6. Weight management
  7. Stronger bones
  8. Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  9. Better coordination
  10. Agility and flexibility

These benefits are only to name a few. Dance has several other benefits as well, making it a very popular form of fitness.

But every coin has two sides. With a list of benefits, there is also a list of disadvantages that come with dance. Namely breaking of bones and tearing of tissues due to dance accidents, injuries to hips and toes (particularly in ballet), repetitive strain injury due to overdoing, stress fractures, tendon injuries, sprains, and strains.

Despite all the negative effects, dance is at an increasing demand as a form of fitness. In 2019, there were over 100,000 dance studios only in the United States. Even as of now the number is increasing.

One of the most popular dance forms for fitness is Zumba. Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pérez during the 1990s. In this dance form, people usually take an hour-long class and follow the Zumba instructor.

Zumba choreography is composed using all or some of the sixteen core steps. There are four basic rhythms: salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia, and each basic rhythm has four core steps. It is total body cardio and aerobic workout where people burn about 900kcal in one session.

Thus, this was dance as a form of fitness with benefits.

The History of Pole Fitness

Pole fitness also known as Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics practiced on a pole. Pole fitness today is practiced widely in dance studios and gyms as a form of fitness.

A brief history:-
1. Mallakhamb
Centuries ago, pole fitness was introduced to the traditional Indian sport of mallakhamb, where complex yoga postures are performed by a group of people on a wooden pole or cane. These postures are aerial in nature.

2. The Chinese Pole
The Chinese pole, originating in India, uses two poles on which circus performers climb ad pose. The poles have a certain amount of distance apart and the performers are known to move from one pole to another. Historical records like mural paintings and carvings From the Han Dynasty were where this was first recorded.

3. Hoochie Coochie
Pole dance in America was introduced in 1893 in the form of Hoochie Coochie. Chicago was the first recorded place for this sensual dance. in the 1920s, during the Great Depression, this form of pole dance became particularly popular in different circuses to attract crowds from all parts of America. This dance is also popularly known as ‘Kouta Kouta.’ The term Hoochie Coochie caught on when people started referring to the scantily dressed dancers as so.

Today Pole Dancing is practised by many people actively and even done in studios and gyms. My Best Studio is the best software management app for pole dancing or pole fitness studios.

Why My Best Studio is better than others

My Best Studio is a software development company that creates management softwares for different studios like dance, pilates, crossfit, yoga, pole fitness and many more. There may be other such companies in the market who supply similar services, but My Best Studio is set apart from them. Let’s find out how.

1. Motive
The main motive of My Best Studio is the clients happiness. It aims to provide softwares which are up to the client’s expectations. They value quality over quantity. While other companies, the motive is to get more clients.

2. Features they offer
My Best Studio offers a wide variety of features to their clients. You can choose from a large number of already made designs for your studio or even create your own!
For anyone investing in our services, they are provided with a free personalized app! Other companies usually charge extra fee on top of the existing one but not My Best Studio. The app comes with tons of amazing features that are custom made only for the particular client.
Other than this, many of the other features include easy online booking, client management, a free branded app, a responsive and SEO friendly website which helps in social media marketing and email marketing! This is way beyond what other companies even offer.

3. Price
One of the main factors to investing in softwares is price. And My Best Studio provides it’s services for only $55 per month and guarantees no increase in price later in the future. This fee includes an embedded class schedule into your website, free personalized app, custom studio management software, help centre, 24/7 customer service and much more! Other companies charge more and offer less.

So we can conclude that My Best Studio is one of the most client friendly and pocket friendly company that will give you great results!

What to look for in a management software?

A studio management software, by definition is an application or set
of programs that help studio support, improve, and automate their
processes. Such software assist in eliminating errors,
completing studio tasks, reporting activities and increases overall
efficiency and effectiveness.
An ideal studio management software is one which is designed to
help streamline the complexity of large projects and tasks as well as
facilitate team collaboration and project reporting. In other words, it
should make the work of the studio owner easier and increase
business. Here are some things to look for in a studio management

1. Flexibility
There are tons of management softwares in the market but to
find the right one for you is a task. A management software
should be flexible enough to satisfy all your needs. It should be
bendable to benefit you and your business.

2. Customization
Not all management softwares offer this, but it can make work
very easy for you. Having a software made solely for your
studio is a privilege because it is highly beneficial. It makes you
exclusive and saves time for you. Every studio is different and
thus you need what’s best for you!

3. Price
This is a very big factor in every software. Most of them have a
very high retail price which makes it difficult for the studio
owner to invest in it. Find a company that offers a reasonable

price which suits you. Companies also have a tendency to
increase prices over the years so look out for that!

4. Efficiency
After investing money in the software, it should prove to be
helpful and efficient. Nobody wants to put their money in the
wrong place! Try to find companies that either give free demo’s
or free returns. It will take off stress and make you feel

5. Comfort
You should be comfortable using the software. If you are not
used to using high end softwares than take a test run or go for
something easier. There is no point of getting a software if it
makes your work a problem rather than a relief.

One of the best softwares in the markets are the ones by My
Best Studio. They not only are fit for every pocket but also
provide free demo’s. They personalize the software to fit every
need of the consumer to make them feel best. Check them out!

Ways To Improve Your Dance Studio

For any new and upcoming dance studio, getting customers and long term clients is not easy. It takes years of build up and hard work. But if you want the work to be efficient, then here are a few methods to improve your studio.

1. Location
The location of your studio is of utter importance. Choose a place where there is no competition around and where there is no other studio. This way people will come to your studio at their convenience.

2. Trends
Do your research of current trends and operate your studio accordingly. You might have to change a certain way but it will only benefit you. People are attracted to latest trends and want to be a part of it so they will come to your studio.

3. Music
Dance and music go hand in hand and the better the music, the more fun the dance. Work on upcoming music which your clients enjoy. This will give them a sense of confidence and due to the increase in familiarity of pace, they will only want to come back.

4. Easy access
Provide your customers easy access to the studios schedules and timings so they can attend at their convenience. The My Best Studio app which comes for free with our studio management software will help you to do so.

5. Organize
Keep your dance studio organized and keep every detail in order. As mentioned previously, our dance studio management software, will help you to do so. We provide facilities like a free app, unlimited employee login, schedules, easy customer access, over 50 different types of progress reports and much more.


How to Create a More Attractive Dance Website

Your dance studio website should be created in such a way that it helps you accumulate a large number of visitors and convert them into customers. If you own a dance studio, your website needs to reflect your dance expertise and convince your visitors to become your customers.

Read on for some tips on how to generate more traffic to your website.

Things to Include on Your Website

  1. Interesting and Meaningful Content

    Your website should have helpful content that your visitors will find interesting. Your website should be easy to navigate and important information should be easy to locate. Make sure you update your website content regularly. Be it your blog or web pages, it should be relevant to industry trends.

  2. Details are Important!

    Your users might notice something as trivial as the copyright year in the footer of the website. Having a copyright with the year 2015 in the footer would not leave a good impression with your readers who are visiting the site in 2018.
    Also, your pricing structure and schedule of classes should be easily located on your website. This reduces the chances that they might choose your competitors over you.

  3. Come Up with a Marketing Strategy

    Dance studio owners should consider a video content marketing strategy for their dance studio website as it is the top website trend today. This will help your website visitors would get a better idea about your services and training that you offer through your videos.

  4. Client Testimonials

    Brands can showcase their amazing services on their website as much as they want, but client testimonials work the best as we tend to trust people who have availed the services rather than the CEO of that company. Ask for feedback from your customers and add those reviews on your website for greater impact. Showcase your awards and accolades too, as that would instill trust in your visitors.

How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines? 

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    SEO is the most important aspect to consider if you want to have a successful dance website. Google has strict rules for websites and if you fail to abide by them, your website will get lost in the World Wide Web. If your content is not on par with the standards set by Google, none of your marketing efforts will be able to help you increase business.
    Include internal links and outbound links to reputed sources, as well as relevant page titles and descriptions with keywords. This will increase the likelihood of your website ranking high on search engines.

Build Your Brand Visibility 

Whether it is your website or your social media platforms, be consistently visible on them. Follow your branding guidelines so that your customers can relate to your brand each and every time. Your logo, font style and color theme should all be in sync with your brand guidelines.

Wrapping Up

My Best Studio can help you with all your dance studio website needs and ensure you experience great business growth as well. Our experts are knowledgeable on the latest web development trends and can create impressive websites at a reasonable cost.

Better Website Design for Your Dance Studio

Website Design for Your Dance Studio: Dance Your Way to a Better Website Design

For each dance studio, there is a different purpose that each owner tries to carry out.  Your studio could be competition based, focused on an end-of-the-year recital, improvements in technique, or encouragement in dance fitness classes. Your studio can also focus on different styles and forms of dance: ballet and pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, or various ballroom dances like the Samba or Waltz.  Whether your focus is on recreational dance, training for a professional career, or teaching modern or classical dance, your website design should have an individual format and theme that reflects what your specific focus is on.

When a customer seeks out your dance studio on the internet, My Best Studio can give you a website design that provides a preview of what your dance studio is all about. With distinct and unique designs made fit for your particular dance studio, we can work above and beyond in creating a website that sets you apart from your competitors, and rises above the mundane and ordinary.

My Best Studio can offer you the best dance studio website designs, focusing in on what you offer to your customers. Having a customized website is one of the best ways to market your business and have you stand out among many. Having an individual website design is an easy tool that can aid your business against your competitors.

Web Design that is Appealing

With a web design like no other, appealing customers is no problem. It gives customers expectations of what kind of company you are, and if your dance studio is one they are willing to invest their time in.  A dance studio that invests in fashioning a website that is appealing and effortless for a customer to work their way around, is a studio that cares about what kind of business they want to be viewed as; one that is concerned with their clients comfort.

People will presume that a business willing to devote large amounts of effort into one minute detail about their company will apply that same detailed care and concern to the quality of service being provided to them. This can include the quality of choreography, the dedication teachers have in improving the skills of their students, and the level of commitment the administration has in keeping their clients worry-free about how a studio is organized.

My Best Studio can help you, help your customers. With a successful website that creates a lasting identity and expresses just what your dance studio will bring to the community, you can focus on what you do best, whether it is instructing young toddlers to pirouette with their feet turned out, drilling a high school’s competitive routine over and over again so that they can win first place at Nationals, or helping adults gain greater flexibility and coordination.

Dance is a form of art, and designing your website is an art form in itself too.

Get in touch with us now and get the best studio management software at the most reasonable price from My Best Studio.

Posted by: Katherine Birgen | May 25, 2017