Best Yoga Web Design Ideas 2022

With yoga becoming popular with people of all ages, it’s not surprising that lots of people are looking for best yoga website design ideas to suit their business needs. Having a yoga business website design is essential for you to grow your business online and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

What you really need is a template that can be used with any yoga practice, whether you want to offer a new type of class or share techniques around mindfulness and meditation. This can help you meet your target audience and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Here’s a list of some of the best yoga website design ideas for 2022.

(1) Yoga & Meditation Website

A peaceful, uncluttered design with a cool blue theme that reflects the serenity that yoga brings to your life. Clear call to actions invite prospective customers to become a member or choose from over 200 classes available.

Things you love about this Yoga & Meditation Website design
  • Inspiring Design
  • Clear Design about the yoga class and schedule
  • Nice color scheme
(2) Morning Yoga Website

A classic yoga themed website centered around starting your day with the power of yoga.Colorful call to actions stand out against a grey scale background to catch the attention of prospective customers.

Things you love about this Morning Yoga Website Design
  • A Clear Explanation
  • Easy Navigation
  • Clean menu design
  • Clear call to actions and contact us menu
(3) Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga Website

Central energetic themed visuals capture the rejuvenating effect of yoga. A differentiated, sleek menu sets this website apart. All the information a user needs is available at a glance.

Things you love about this Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga Website Design
  • Great Menu Design
  • Nice conversion ideas
  • Clean and Clear Layout
  • Explain various poses
(4) Inspirational Yoga Website

Nature themes are relaxing on the eyes. Visual imagery along with powerful messaging depicts the value of yoga on this inspirational and tranquil yoga website. From pricing to schedules and information about the studio – its all available one click away.

Things you love about this Inspirational Yoga Website Design
  • Easy Class Booking Option
  • Inspirational Design
  • Responsive website
  • Clearly conversation focused layout
(5) Yoga and Wellness Website

Based on contemporary design trends, this website features a sleek menu style, impactful messaging and bold visuals to convey the value offered to customers. Instructor information is available upfront and center, inspiring confidence in users.

Things you love about this Yoga and Wellness Website Design
  • Inspiring and Responsive website
  • Nice Color Scheme
  • Conversation focused
  • Personal touch images
(6) Mindful Yoga Website

A single impactful visual shows how yoga can stretch the limits of body and mind. The website showcases its unique selling proposition upfront – all in one yoga classes. It’s a modern website with a hidden menu, designed to attract discerning and modern customers.

Things you love about this Mindful Yoga Website Design
  • Options For Contacting
  • Inspirational Logo Design
  • Clean Website
  • Inspirational background-color

If you’re looking for tips on how to create your own inspiring yoga website design, its best to get in touch with professionals. This will ensure a minimalistic, modern design in keeping with the latest design trends and an uncompromised user experience. Your yoga studio website should be beautiful, functional and drive more footfalls to your studio.

My Best Studio offers website design and development services for small, medium and large size yoga studios. With different packages available, you have the option to choose from a variety of design templates or build a yoga website for your business from scratch. To know more about the design and development services, Click here.

Yoga tips for beginners

If you want to learn and practice yoga you have to start somewhere. It is said that yoga is the art work of awareness on the body, mind and soul. Yoga tends to stabilize mental levels and bring peace. If you are a beginner to yoga, here are some steps to take note of.

1. Education
Before starting anything new, educate yourself about it. There are many different types of yoga like Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar, Birkram and many more. Once you learn about these you will get an idea which one you’re drawn to. That yoga will usually be the best for you.

2. Set a routine
Try to do yoga every day or every other day. The more you do it, the more you’ll like it and the more likely you are to continue it. If you slack once, you’ll want to slack every time.

3. Try new moves
Don’t be afraid to try new moves and asanas. It may be difficult and scary at first but the more you do it, the more familiar you will get with it. You will realize that they only do good to you. Growth is scary but worth it!

4. Join a studio
Joining a yoga studio will develop confidence in you. Being around other people who do yoga will give rise to a sense of familiarity and make you feel comfortable. You will want to go back.

5. Practice makes perfect
The more you practice yoga, the better you will feel. The joy you get when you perfect an asana after hours of practice will give you a rush. It will also calm your body, and free your mind from unnecessary stress of every day life.

What to look for in a management software?

A studio management software, by definition is an application or set
of programs that help studio support, improve, and automate their
processes. Such software assist in eliminating errors,
completing studio tasks, reporting activities and increases overall
efficiency and effectiveness.
An ideal studio management software is one which is designed to
help streamline the complexity of large projects and tasks as well as
facilitate team collaboration and project reporting. In other words, it
should make the work of the studio owner easier and increase
business. Here are some things to look for in a studio management

1. Flexibility
There are tons of management softwares in the market but to
find the right one for you is a task. A management software
should be flexible enough to satisfy all your needs. It should be
bendable to benefit you and your business.

2. Customization
Not all management softwares offer this, but it can make work
very easy for you. Having a software made solely for your
studio is a privilege because it is highly beneficial. It makes you
exclusive and saves time for you. Every studio is different and
thus you need what’s best for you!

3. Price
This is a very big factor in every software. Most of them have a
very high retail price which makes it difficult for the studio
owner to invest in it. Find a company that offers a reasonable

price which suits you. Companies also have a tendency to
increase prices over the years so look out for that!

4. Efficiency
After investing money in the software, it should prove to be
helpful and efficient. Nobody wants to put their money in the
wrong place! Try to find companies that either give free demo’s
or free returns. It will take off stress and make you feel

5. Comfort
You should be comfortable using the software. If you are not
used to using high end softwares than take a test run or go for
something easier. There is no point of getting a software if it
makes your work a problem rather than a relief.

One of the best softwares in the markets are the ones by My
Best Studio. They not only are fit for every pocket but also
provide free demo’s. They personalize the software to fit every
need of the consumer to make them feel best. Check them out!

8 Types Of Yoga Explained

Originated in ancient India around 5th and 6th century BCE, Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which largely consist of postures called Asanas. Yoga has a huge past which divides it into many different types. With all these options it is not easy to find out which one is best for you. So here is a quick guide explaining 8 different types of yoga, so you can pick what’s best for you.

1. Hatha yoga
Hatha yoga was mainly developed in the 20th century, focusing particularly on asanas (the physical postures), and also became popular throughout the world as a form of physical exercise. This modern form of yoga is now widely known simply as “yoga”.
This is not only the most common form of yoga but also the most sought after one. Multiple people practice it throughout the world which has only made it more popular.

2. Vinyasa yoga
It essentially means movement synchronized with breath and is a vigorous style based on a rapid flow through sun salutations. This is the second most sought after form of yoga. It mainly consists of asanas like Hatha yoga. But the difference is that here, the movement of the asanas are paired with breath.

3. Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

4. Iyegar yoga
This form of yoga is great for those who want to work on injuries and joint problems. It focuses on correct alignment of the body and very precise moves. These postures are held while holding your breath and the duration of each pose increases with expertise. This practice great improves stability, mobility , strength and flexibility.

5. Bikram yoga
Created by yoga guru Bikram Choudhury, the key feature of this practice is to do a set of poses in a room heated to 41 degrees centigrade and 40 percent humidity. The heat makes you sweat excessively thereby getting your body rid of toxins while the postures work every part of your body and bring oxygenated blood to all your internal organs. This form of yoga maybe very intense but it is known to give results.

6. Yin yoga
This form of yoga is very slow paced. You need to hold the asanas or postures from 40 seconds to 2 minutes. This is for people who are not intent on doing hardcore yoga. It relaxes your body and mind and stretches your muscles and tissues to make you more flexible.

7. Restorative yoga
As the name suggest, restorative yoga is for people who have a stressful job or are overthinkers. This type of yoga helps to refresh and rejuvenate the person and uplift their mood. If you are struggling with insomnia, anxiety, stress-related illnesses, then you should definitely try restorative yoga. This practice helps you tap your parasympathetic nervous system so that you can truly relax your mind and body deeply.

8. Kripalu yoga
This form of yoga focuses less on the asanas and more on self reflection, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. It aims to distress the mind and body for better health and self awareness. Not as rigid as the other practices, this one requires you to modify poses according to your body’s needs.

Different types of yoga can be learnt at different studios. My Best Studio is an Los Angeles based company which provides management softwares for yoga studios to make your job easier. Sign up now!



Yoga Marketing Ideas – Attract More Members to Your Studio

The yoga market keeps on being one of the quickest developing ventures on the planet. While experienced yogis will say that you need to keep the clam, but when it comes to marketing your yoga studio, there is no maintaining calm. The competition is so high nowadays that you need to have a vigorous marketing plan packed up with some pretty amazing marketing ideas. New yoga studios keep springing up all over, and you might consider how you can you bring your business into the spotlight and advance your yoga studio to have more clients. Here are some of the most effective Yoga Marketing ideas to attract more members to your studio and stand out in the competition:

Offer customized classes
One of the best ways to attract more members to your yoga studio is to offer customized yoga classes for your members. With so many people leading an active life, it is hard to manage a particular time for all the members. So, if you provide them customized yoga classes according to their convenient time and day, the chances of getting more clients will, for sure increase. Plus there are very fewer studios that provide customized classes.

Have the social media ball rolling
Social media is nowadays is undoubtedly the best platform for marketing. And a person missing out on social media is missing out one of the best strategies in marketing. Make your social media presence, post on a daily basis, talk to new members over social media, persuade them, and influence many through your social media posts.

Easy to understand advertising
The advertisement should be appealing, not intimidating. Make your posters easy to understand, creative, and attractive. Illustrate yoga positions that are easy to achieve, include the best five benefits that yoga can provide and highlight how you can make a difference.

Never forget the existing audience
In the process of approaching a new audience, people neglect the existing audience they have in their hand and who are at the verge of converting into your client. Focus some of your marketing strategies to push them over the edge and turning them into your clients.

Yoga Website design and Internet marketing
Surprisingly what people don’t understand that in this digital age, one of the best ways to reach and persuade people is through a digital platform. Having a stunning yoga website design that is appealing, fast, and interactive will help your users to understand and connect with you in a better way. To reach the maximum audience with your website is through internet marketing. A yoga website with stunning design and super marketing over the internet can be easy to find and connect with.

Plus having a Yoga Studio Software by My Best Studio in handy can save you lots of efforts. My Best Studio offers you some of the best yoga studio software that can give you an overview of your strategies plus can give you progress report to understand the effectiveness of your existing marketing plans and upgrading them accordingly.

Why You Should Avoid Using Free Template Builders for Your Website

Template Builders vs. Custom Website Design for your Studio

Free template builders are online tools that allow you to create a website without needing any coding knowledge. They mainly use a drag and drop feature and your website will be created a few minutes.

At first, these template builders seem to be a good idea, but they have certain limitations. Although they are an easy option for beginners, it can lead to setbacks in the long run.

Here are a few reasons why you should refrain from using free template builders for your website.

You Have No Control

None of the website builders offers you control over your website design. Bad user experience is not easy to resolve when using free template builders. If you are using a basic template builder, this problem can become quite serious. It is very likely resolving one problem you are facing may lead to a new problem. In some cases, you may even have to get your website redesigned.

Lack of Advanced Features

One of the biggest drawbacks of website builders is that they provide very limited features and functionalities. While this can be great for a content based website, it usually is not scalable. If your business grows, you might not be able to add the extra features you want to your website. My Best Studio  offers website design services to fitness studios, dance studios, and many other training studios at various locations from Pasadena to Riverside, Ontario, Long Beach, Los Angeles and more. If you are struggling with free template builders for your website, we are here to help make the transition smooth and simple, and at a low cost!

Not Responsive

Websites are not responsive when created with template builders. People viewing your website on a tablet or mobile device might have a bad user experience. With website builders, you only get a desktop version and a mobile version. This is certainly not great when it comes to website designing.

Misleading Designs

The content that you have may not match the drag and drop elements of the free website builder. This can be frustrating because it does not match the demo video you watched. A website designer is irreplaceable compared to template builders. That human touch matters a lot if you want to create a nice website with lots of traffic.

Template designs are not always aesthetically pleasing and choosing the wrong one can cost you your business.

Poor SEO Features

Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role in the world of online marketing. Not optimizing your website for SEO will lead to less new customers. The challenge with website builders is that they offer very limited SEO features, which can be bad for your business.

In a Nutshell

The bottom line is that professionals and studio owners who want to see their business grow and increase their brand visibility should invest in getting their website designed professionally, rather than saving a few bucks by using template builders. Website builders can temporarily solve your problems, but in the future you may have to invest both your time and money again because you are dissatisfied with the template.

However, the choice is yours and we will be here for you, whatever you decide on! 

Boost Your Yoga Business : Pay Less, Get More

The birth of a vision is the easy part. It’s simple to set your sights on an end goal, and get caught up in the success that could prevail from your grand idea. It’s harder cultivating that vision, and seeing the process through the obstacles you can encounter as a business entrepreneur. That kind of innovation requires focus, determination, and drive. It demands a tireless spirit, and sleepless nights. But most importantly it commands a specific type of budget that’s usually large and flexible. Certain expenses can’t be spared and as the mastermind behind your studio you have to allocate particular funding to places you don’t initially consider but are crucial to the outcome of your brand.

As a creative individual, your strengths probably don’t align with the organizational aspect of numbers and when it comes to money the only language you speak is the desire for more. You may not have a lot of experience with budgets or more so sticking to them, and you aren’t exactly sure where you should apply the most pressure. You know you need help with this sort of thing, but you’re terrified of playing the fool. It’s completely natural to feel out of your element. This is why you sometimes need a tip or two that’s easily believable and doesn’t leave room for any misconstruing.

A website is a vital component to your business and the traffic it can accumulate. It is your best resource in marketing your vision, and simplifying an experience for an average consumer. It is something that you can spare no expense in creating. It’s a necessity that you must dispense a sum of money on molding into the perfect weapon in your arsenal of exposure. BUT, after that best yoga website design is turned into a reality, you can learn to cut corners and save money.

The biggest way developers learn to make money, is off of the naivety of the people that contract out their services. In order to not become that person, learn to look for companies that are offering one set fee. If a company is offering a set fee, chances are their intentions are more respectable then a company that is looking to charge you a monthly fee for the maintenance of said website.

Developers tend to be riding a wave that’s already crested and leveled when charging their customers a monthly fee. In simpler everyday terms, it’s like you’re paying a man to paint your fence for a fee of $100. But then after the fence is done, he continues to charge you $50 a month even though the work has already been performed and he’s no longer there but he claims it’s a “maintenance” fee. That’s not logical when it comes to yard work so don’t let it be logical when it comes to your website design. Pay less in the long run, and use the extra money to get more for your business. So the only flexibility you’ll need will be in your joints for yoga poses and not in your wallet accounting for hidden fees.

Minimize Complexity, Maximize Growth

Fitness has become not only a key priority to the everyday civilian, but also a thriving investment for the business savvy entrepreneur in today’s world. As said entrepreneur, you are constantly on the lookout for strategic tools within your reach that are easy to navigate, produce the quickest results, and minimize your time spent updating multiple outlets and instead directed at nurturing your relationships and brainstorming innovative and engaging ideas to grow your fitness empire. offers a variety of web solutions that are specifically tailored to your business. This studio management software was created with the intent of saving you time, and combines all the necessary elements that make for a successful website. Instead of running numerous programs, through this software you’ll be able to:

-Track your employees as well as add students quickly and stay connected via social media/text messaging,etc.

-Manage your sales transactions and visualize your growth via aids such as data charts that are easy to read and efficient

-View and maintain an active class schedule where students are able to select an option and time frame that suits their needs with the click of a button

-Navigate the smooth design with ease regardless of your limited computer knowledge, and allow endless users access to the program

Think of it like this: You have a list of items that range from grocery to beauty, but you’ve also worked an eight hour day and you’re convinced that you only have the energy left for one trip. So you’d rather make one stop where you can pick up all these things. It’s the same with your website: you need a variety of tools, but you don’t have the patience or time to access multiple outlets. This studio management software is your Target: Great land if you will. also takes the hassle and headache out of yoga website design and offers a template that can be used interchangeably for a variety of core curriculum like, Pilates, fitness and dance. You give them the content you’d like your website to display, pick a preference for what is aesthetically pleasing to you, and they create the final result that draws a crowd and maximizes your business’s potential. With personalized touches like an original URL, easy links to other marketing outlets, and a friendly display that’s appealing on any device, you’re bound to have the best yoga website design. So choose an option that’s easily controllable and saves you time, and spend that energy on doing what you love- sharing your fitness with the world.