Yoga tips for beginners

If you want to learn and practice yoga you have to start somewhere. It is said that yoga is the art work of awareness on the body, mind and soul. Yoga tends to stabilize mental levels and bring peace. If you are a beginner to yoga, here are some steps to take note of.

1. Education
Before starting anything new, educate yourself about it. There are many different types of yoga like Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar, Birkram and many more. Once you learn about these you will get an idea which one you’re drawn to. That yoga will usually be the best for you.

2. Set a routine
Try to do yoga every day or every other day. The more you do it, the more you’ll like it and the more likely you are to continue it. If you slack once, you’ll want to slack every time.

3. Try new moves
Don’t be afraid to try new moves and asanas. It may be difficult and scary at first but the more you do it, the more familiar you will get with it. You will realize that they only do good to you. Growth is scary but worth it!

4. Join a studio
Joining a yoga studio will develop confidence in you. Being around other people who do yoga will give rise to a sense of familiarity and make you feel comfortable. You will want to go back.

5. Practice makes perfect
The more you practice yoga, the better you will feel. The joy you get when you perfect an asana after hours of practice will give you a rush. It will also calm your body, and free your mind from unnecessary stress of every day life.

Yoga Marketing Ideas – Attract More Members to Your Studio

The yoga market keeps on being one of the quickest developing ventures on the planet. While experienced yogis will say that you need to keep the clam, but when it comes to marketing your yoga studio, there is no maintaining calm. The competition is so high nowadays that you need to have a vigorous marketing plan packed up with some pretty amazing marketing ideas. New yoga studios keep springing up all over, and you might consider how you can you bring your business into the spotlight and advance your yoga studio to have more clients. Here are some of the most effective Yoga Marketing ideas to attract more members to your studio and stand out in the competition:

Offer customized classes
One of the best ways to attract more members to your yoga studio is to offer customized yoga classes for your members. With so many people leading an active life, it is hard to manage a particular time for all the members. So, if you provide them customized yoga classes according to their convenient time and day, the chances of getting more clients will, for sure increase. Plus there are very fewer studios that provide customized classes.

Have the social media ball rolling
Social media is nowadays is undoubtedly the best platform for marketing. And a person missing out on social media is missing out one of the best strategies in marketing. Make your social media presence, post on a daily basis, talk to new members over social media, persuade them, and influence many through your social media posts.

Easy to understand advertising
The advertisement should be appealing, not intimidating. Make your posters easy to understand, creative, and attractive. Illustrate yoga positions that are easy to achieve, include the best five benefits that yoga can provide and highlight how you can make a difference.

Never forget the existing audience
In the process of approaching a new audience, people neglect the existing audience they have in their hand and who are at the verge of converting into your client. Focus some of your marketing strategies to push them over the edge and turning them into your clients.

Yoga Website design and Internet marketing
Surprisingly what people don’t understand that in this digital age, one of the best ways to reach and persuade people is through a digital platform. Having a stunning yoga website design that is appealing, fast, and interactive will help your users to understand and connect with you in a better way. To reach the maximum audience with your website is through internet marketing. A yoga website with stunning design and super marketing over the internet can be easy to find and connect with.

Plus having a Yoga Studio Software by My Best Studio in handy can save you lots of efforts. My Best Studio offers you some of the best yoga studio software that can give you an overview of your strategies plus can give you progress report to understand the effectiveness of your existing marketing plans and upgrading them accordingly.

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Yoga Studio Software

Owning a Yoga studio and running it all by yourself is not at all easy. You have got hundred of tasks to take care of. On top of that, managing and scheduling classes, client management, increase your client base plus keeping track of all the records are not at all trouble-free. You try to do one thing, and the other seems to fall out of your hands. The business and basis do not seem to go smoothly, especially if you are the only one to do it all. Although life can be made easy with Yoga Studio Software.

Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase Yoga Studio Software:


(1) Client Management
With a fantastic software to manage all your clients, who say life won’t be easy? The Yoga Studio Software not only gives you an incredible online presence that your clients can use to book appointments but also give you effortless access to all the client data on any device.

(2) Scheduling
Now you can schedule all your classes online as well as on an app. Not only that you can keep track of all your schedule and sort them by class, workshop, appointment, title, or instructor. This will minimize the time you take to schedule or reschedule any class as you won’t have to check every time. All you need is just a click away.

(3) Reports and analytics
With Yoga Studio Software, you can get 50 different types of reports that will help you to analyze your growth and business tactics. You can use these reports to make better plans and strategies for your studio.

(4) Customized mobile application
One of the best things about Yoga Studio Software is that now you no more have to invest tons of money developing an app for your studio. With Yoga Studio Software, you get your customized mobile application. The app will make it easier for your clients to interact with your studio.

(5) Staff Access
Adding to your ease, Yoga Studio Software gives your staff access to be users. They can now use the app to check their schedules, their appointments, and more. Plus you get the authority to configure your staff members’ access.

Regardless of how big or small your Yoga Studio is; a Yoga Studio Software provided by My Best Studio is always going to make it easy for you to grow more effortlessly. With My Best Studio providing you not only Yoga Studio Software but also Pilates, Fitness and many other Studio Softwares you can now do what you are best at and let the software manage the rest. My Best Studio provides you the best software that are easy to manage and affordable.

How much should you pay for Studio Management Software?

If you are an owner of a fitness studio, then you are probably also a fitness fanatic at heart. Nothing is better than turning your passion into your profession. However, it can get become extremely daunting when you have to execute all the admin duties such as: registering for classes, marketing, and invoicing.

For everyone who is unmotivated and stressed out by these concerns, My Best Studio studio management software has your back!

Who Are We?

My Best Studio works on the principle of helping fitness studios grow their business through competent web solutions that are simple to use. An ideal software should give you the liberty to handle your business from a central system regardless of where you are or what device you are on.

It is common to be skeptical before paying for a premium service online. Purchasing studio management software is no exception. You may have several questions on your mind if someone suggests that you should buy studio management software. The main concern here is credibility and pricing.

You should make sure that the company you choose is trustworthy enough to invest in. Be wary of getting scammed in the name of ‘easy-to-use’ studio management software. Read through customer reviews and testimonials that they have. You can possible even join a new customer success program or switching support program. Finally, it is essential that the studio management software you choose is mobile friendly.

Amazing Value

Now comes the most important point… PRICING!

How do you determine how much you should pay for the software?

There are certain companies that charge based on the number of users that sign up on your software. If you have a small-scale fitness business, it would not be a major problem in the beginning. But once your business starts expanding, it can lead to exorbitant costs that may exceed your budget.

Also, you probably want to add more customers and build individual profiles for every trainer in your software. Before purchasing the studio management software, consider all these points and check the software provider’s usage policy too. Work out all the costs according to your budget and business plan.

My Best Studio offers you management software at $55 per month. This flat monthly rate will not increase for any reason and it is not subject to change after you sign up. We also offer free support and 24/7 customer services without any hidden charges.

In addition, you can request a free trial with a personalized demo where our experts will walk you through the software in depth and get you started with the services on a trial basis.

That gives you a chance to understand how the software will work and determine whether it matches your requirements. We believe in a long term relationship with our clients, while offering the best deal out there.

If you are looking for a studio management software at a reasonable rate for your Yoga, Pilates, fitness, dance, or martial arts studio, My Best Studio can be the perfect fit for you regardless of the size of your studio!

The New Now

We’ve all heard it before; that ancient expression our grandparents stressed to us at any given opportunity. You know the one; anything worth having is worth waiting for, or in simpler terms patience is a virtue. As we grew, we learned to respect it, maybe even embrace it, and somewhere along the way we started to really believe it. Even in today’s world, this golden standard still holds its validity when discussing the perfect soul mate, or the ideal meal, but it’s no longer acceptable in a technological market. Welcome to the one place where patience is no longer a virtue, and is instead an inconvenience or a detrimental aspect to what could very well be the success of your empire. When building THE yoga studio of your dreams, you have to consider what will appeal to your core audience. Chances are your demographics are composed of busy, life-loving individuals who are looking for a release from the things that prevent them from being perfectly centered. This includes the hassle and headache they’d have to endure from a yoga studio that isn’t using appointment booking software.

Sadly, the current generation is littered with people who aren’t familiar with my grandparents’ motto, and only see the beauty in how rapidly something can arrive. However, if you want to see results in the project your undertaking, you have to conform your standards to the here and now even if that notion differs from the one you were raised by. People want to join a community where things can be achieved with the simple click of a button. Phone conversations are nearly becoming obsolete and chit-chatting at a counter after an intense workout isn’t a desirable interaction for the average person anymore. With yoga studio management software, you’ll find a variety of ways to maximize the potential for accumulating new business, and securing the current customers you have. They’ll be able to choose classes by viewing your online schedule, complete with times and instructors, and can book fifteen minutes before a class begins, or fifteen days if that’s their forte. You’ll be covering a large spectrum of last minute attendees as well as certified planners, by enabling this appointment booking software.

Besides the appeal of a booking system that isn’t dictated by pencil and paper, with yoga studio software, you’ll maintain better customer relations with all the tools that it utilizes. This software will give you the option of sending out automated emails to all ofyour clients with updates, changes in classes, reminders, as well as promotions and special offers. It’ll also grant you ease with membership enrollment, and a database with unlimited storage that won’t limit your population. So give the people what they want and join the new now. The one where you can order a game from Amazon Prime on Thanksgiving Day and see it on your doorstep a mere two hours later. Or a person can register for a class with the click of a button one hour before it begins, because fitness matters even to the business savvy. Fast is the new motto.