Design Tips To Build A Great Fitness Website

Building a custom website design is key in attracting new members to your gym and retaining existing members.Your website needs to stand out from other gyms’ websites and attract people who are looking for a place where they can get fit with other like-minded individuals without spending too much time or money on equipment or facilities.

By building an engaging website design for your fitness center that reflects its culture, you can establish an online presence that attracts customers who will stay loyal over time because of what it offers them socially as well as physically!If you’re wondering how to design a fitness website, here are some important web design tips you should make note of.

Make it visually compelling.
The first step to making a fitness website that’s well-designed is to make it visually compelling, and you do this by incorporating high-quality images and video throughout the site. The best fitness website designs use high quality photos that show your gym/studio or some of the exercises being performed by your clients so visitors can get an idea of what it’s like to work with you. If possible, try using video clips as well which will help showcase your facility better than any picture ever could!

Top fitness website designs also make sure to use white space in a clean and simple layout. White space is one of those things that gets overlooked on websites, but when done correctly can really make an impact on how people experience your brand online. Too often people think more content equals success – not just from a user perspective but also from businesses seeking leads and conversions because they feel like adding more information about their services makes sense for SEO purposes (search engine optimization). The truth is there needs to be just enough content for users without overwhelming them with too much information right away because this will reduce conversion rates or engagement levels overall which ultimately hurts our bottom line goals so always keep those considerations top-of-mind while working through wireframes / mockups before finalizing them into live designs!

Match the design and photography with the culture of your fitness studio.
Use images that are relevant to your fitness studio. Website designers always recommend that the photos you use throughout the website should be of your studio, or at least have a similar style. For example, if you have yoga mats for sale in the boutique of your studio, don’t place images of equipment on the page unless it’s being used by people who look like they’d actually attend your classes (i.e., no pictures of bodybuilders selling yoga mats). Use images that are relevant to your culture. If you’re a high-end boutique fitness studio that is all about community, use images that capture this message (think: photography of people doing their pushups together on their hands and toes) Remember to use high-quality photos: blurring and pixels will ruin your site!

Give users a way to contact you – easily.
This is probably the most underestimated design tips for websites. Your contact page should be easy to find, and it should contain your phone number and email address. Even better, provide a contact form so users don’t have to actually type an email message. Some people like maps, and if you’re a brick-and-mortar gym or fitness club where members meet for group sessions or personal training, add a map to your site. This way people can easily get directions to your gym.

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Last 10 Years Fitness Trends

As we move towards the end of 2019 we also move to the end of another decade. These 10 years have shown immense growth and diversity in the methods and techniques of different workouts and trends. This one is for the last 10 years that have got us here today.


Fitness boxing and specialty classes such as Zumba, Bollywood, Afro-Cuban, and ballroom dancing grew in popularity – encouraging more people to become involved in physical activity, but in a slightly different way. This period saw personal training to increase significantly in popularity (and continues to be up until this day). It was less for the rich and famous, and more for the everyday gym user, and as a result many gyms and fitness centres moved away from having ‘floor-based’ gym instructors to service their clients.


It was during this time that the age demographic of those involved in physical activity began to broaden quite dramatically, with a large focus on providing fitness programs for both older adults and children. With obesity at epidemic levels for both children and adults in Australia, more families were looking for programs to help them lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


trends like intermittent fasting, low carbohydrate and gluten-free diets became popular to follow (and continue to be up until this day). The first examples of successful wearable technology were also starting to hit the market at this time, giving people an insight into information about their health and fitness that was previously unobtainable.


With the functional fitness movement becoming increasingly popular, traditional gym equipment was still being used, but was now sharing space with innovative equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension trainers and many other unique tools that could be used as a part of an exercise program. Primal, body-weight training, movement-based, whatever you want to call it, functional fitness was at the forefront during this time.


This period also introduced the world to a new type of ‘fitness centre’, one that was determined to capture the atmosphere of large group-training while incorporating high intensity strength and aerobic based exercises – all in short, pre-determined and repeatable workouts.


High Intensity Interval Training was trendy and there are lots of people seeing fabulous results in the fitness club and with home regimens using these high and low intensity moves. Strength Training remained a popular form of exercise workouts, especially among males interested in fitness and better health. More and more women continued to hit the fitness clubs for various strength training exercises as well, in the hopes of building or improving their strength.


Bodyweight training included the use of minimal equipment makes it a super convenient and affordable do-anywhere workout. And it’s not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups-put a fresh spin on bodyweight exercises with different routines.


Group Training.
Some things are just more fun in a group. Group exercise instructors teach, lead and motivate their students through classes designed for a specific intention. Experienced and educated group instructors help people of varying levels achieve their fitness goals. They use a combination of leadership, teaching and motivational skills to accomplish this. Group programs appeal to a wide demographic because of the variety of choices available, camaraderie and social aspects. Thus group training was immensely popular in 2017.


Wearable Technology
Activity trackers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors were as popular as ever in 2018 for people who—were into seeing their workouts by the numbers, wearable technology can give them interesting feedback about how you move. Many estimate your steps, sleep, standing time, calories burned, and time spent working out.


The ancient practice has been on the list for many years. ACSM notes that in 2019, yoga has taken on many forms, like “Power Yoga, Yogilates, yoga in hot environments,” and more. Now that we’ve seen goat yoga, who knows what other forms of yoga the future holds? Yoga became immensely popular with a 32% increase only in 2019. It is on of the hottest forms of workout right now and will continue to be for some time.

Studio Management Software for the Fall Season

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Fall is approaching faster than ever; upcoming weeks will bring back students to their towns and they’ll be looking to unwind during their exams.

With the busy fall season, there is another aspect that unfortunately comes back to intervene with our activities. With classes to worry about it’s difficult for student’s to easily find fitness classes.

Students feel that they lack time.

And with this new construct, may come something else: boredom. Parent do not want their children spending all the spare time inside. So signing them up for dance lessons, or yoga classes, or getting them into martial arts seems to be a great solution for this problem.

My Best Studio can help you prepare for the sea of impending clients and students coming your way with our advanced, and yet so easy to use, studio management software.


Our Studio Management Software

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Posted by: Katherine Birgen | June 6, 2017

Making Your Starting Point a Captivating Sight in Half the Time

Any successful business places a certain level of importance on marketing their brand and creating a platform that’s appealing and engaging, as well as moderately easy to use for the everyday person.

One of the most important tools that you can utilize in today’s world is the web. The volume of activity that a website creates is responsible for over half the money your business can make.

The biggest headache that most people face is coming up with a website design that’s easy to navigate. Chances are, as a fitness enthusiast, most of your core knowledge lies in the semantics of that, and doesn’t quite cover graphic design. That’s completely normal, and as the creator of your own destiny, it’s your job to find an outlet that can assist you in making an accessible place that’s captivating and direct to the general eye.

As a person who thrives on creativity and has a specific vision in mind, it’s sometimes hard to relinquish control. And that is exactly why you should pick a web development company who has a large selection of templates to choose from when designing yoga website designs, fitness website designs and Pilate’s website designs.

Learning the small details that creating a website entails, would take up so much of your energy, but by partnering with the right Los Angeles based Web Development Company ensures that you will be provided the proper care it takes to bring your best yoga website design to life and work around the specifics you supply them with.

When choosing a web development company, look for a company that will provide you with these features that you and your clients will benefit from:

– Multiple pages of website programming
– Unlimited forms
– Photo Gallery
– Personalized URL
– Online Class Schedule Management
– Mobile Friendly
– Social Media Integration
– Text Messaging

These features set you apart from your competitors and allow you to handle your relations with customers with ease. It also builds an eye-catching starting point for potential clients and simplifies communication in a way that’s favorable to this generation by integrating social avenues that are consistently utilized. So while you center your chi, we’ll centralize the success of your business by creating a design that’s what you want without the headache.