How To Start a Personal Training Business

Starting a personal training business can be incredibly rewarding. You get to help people live happier, healthier lives, and that’s something really special. Personal training studios are a lucrative business idea as well. Here’s a step by step guide on how to set up and start a personal training business.

Hire the best trainers
The best trainers are those who can connect with their clients on a personal level, and understand their needs and goals as well as how to help them achieve them. They need to be able to understand how the clients body works and be able to formulate workouts that make sense while still challenging the client.

Make sure you have enough equipment
When your personal training studio is well-managed with fully functional and the latest equipment in a welcoming space, you are likely to not just attract clients but keep them coming back for more.

Stay up-to-date on the latest studies & research
A personal trainer certification is not enough. Knowing about how different types of exercise affect our bodies and staying up to date with the latest research can help you make sure your clients are getting the most out of their workouts!

Set up attractive workout plans & referral programs
Once you learn how to set up a personal training business and have a loyal client base, use them to attract more customers to your studio. Focusing on keeping your clientele happy is worth the effort because each of them become spokespersons (free word of mouth) for your studio. You can consider incentivizing clients for each new customer they bring in as well.

Communicate clearly& regularly with clients
Whether via email or SMS, let your clients know about the latest events, new classes, or merchandise being sold at your studio. Use digital communications to up sell services to your clients. Regular communication also ensures your client knows exactly what’s expected of them before starting a new workout routine or diet plan. This is especially true if your clients are newbies or have never worked out before. They may not know what they need or want from their workout sessions yet, so it’s up to you to guide them through those first few sessions.

Check in with clients
If your client is having trouble following through with their exercise program or has chronic pain issues that may need medical attention, it’s up to you to make sure it is addressed with expediency.

Use a fitness software to manage your personal training studio functions
A personal training software like My Best Studio can help you manage class scheduling and booking, track payments, record client details and more. A personal training management software allows you to spend more time on your clients, doing what you do best, and less time on administrative issues.

Last 10 Years Fitness Trends

As we move towards the end of 2019 we also move to the end of another decade. These 10 years have shown immense growth and diversity in the methods and techniques of different workouts and trends. This one is for the last 10 years that have got us here today.


Fitness boxing and specialty classes such as Zumba, Bollywood, Afro-Cuban, and ballroom dancing grew in popularity – encouraging more people to become involved in physical activity, but in a slightly different way. This period saw personal training to increase significantly in popularity (and continues to be up until this day). It was less for the rich and famous, and more for the everyday gym user, and as a result many gyms and fitness centres moved away from having ‘floor-based’ gym instructors to service their clients.


It was during this time that the age demographic of those involved in physical activity began to broaden quite dramatically, with a large focus on providing fitness programs for both older adults and children. With obesity at epidemic levels for both children and adults in Australia, more families were looking for programs to help them lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


trends like intermittent fasting, low carbohydrate and gluten-free diets became popular to follow (and continue to be up until this day). The first examples of successful wearable technology were also starting to hit the market at this time, giving people an insight into information about their health and fitness that was previously unobtainable.


With the functional fitness movement becoming increasingly popular, traditional gym equipment was still being used, but was now sharing space with innovative equipment such as kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension trainers and many other unique tools that could be used as a part of an exercise program. Primal, body-weight training, movement-based, whatever you want to call it, functional fitness was at the forefront during this time.


This period also introduced the world to a new type of ‘fitness centre’, one that was determined to capture the atmosphere of large group-training while incorporating high intensity strength and aerobic based exercises – all in short, pre-determined and repeatable workouts.


High Intensity Interval Training was trendy and there are lots of people seeing fabulous results in the fitness club and with home regimens using these high and low intensity moves. Strength Training remained a popular form of exercise workouts, especially among males interested in fitness and better health. More and more women continued to hit the fitness clubs for various strength training exercises as well, in the hopes of building or improving their strength.


Bodyweight training included the use of minimal equipment makes it a super convenient and affordable do-anywhere workout. And it’s not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups-put a fresh spin on bodyweight exercises with different routines.


Group Training.
Some things are just more fun in a group. Group exercise instructors teach, lead and motivate their students through classes designed for a specific intention. Experienced and educated group instructors help people of varying levels achieve their fitness goals. They use a combination of leadership, teaching and motivational skills to accomplish this. Group programs appeal to a wide demographic because of the variety of choices available, camaraderie and social aspects. Thus group training was immensely popular in 2017.


Wearable Technology
Activity trackers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors were as popular as ever in 2018 for people who—were into seeing their workouts by the numbers, wearable technology can give them interesting feedback about how you move. Many estimate your steps, sleep, standing time, calories burned, and time spent working out.


The ancient practice has been on the list for many years. ACSM notes that in 2019, yoga has taken on many forms, like “Power Yoga, Yogilates, yoga in hot environments,” and more. Now that we’ve seen goat yoga, who knows what other forms of yoga the future holds? Yoga became immensely popular with a 32% increase only in 2019. It is on of the hottest forms of workout right now and will continue to be for some time.

Finding the right kind of workout for you

Any bodily activity that enhances and maintains physical fitness is considered a work out. People work out to get in their desired shape or even as a hobby. There are multiple different kinds of ways in which one can give off some sweat, but if you can’t find the right one, you won’t enjoy it. Here is a list ways to know which work out is best for you.

1. Pen down your goals
The kind of work out that will be best for you will depend on what you’re looking to get out of it. Do you want to get in shape? Or do you want to let out some steam? Or do you want something that will help you relax? Ask yourself what you want. This will make it easier to narrow it down for you.

2. Do your research
Once you know what you want, you need to do some homework on it. Find out what you are attracted to the most. These work outs should help you achieve your goals and still be fun! Trying different things will give you an insight on how it will be.

3. Fix a routine
Once you know what work out you want to go for, set a routine. It may be weights, yoga, pilates or even dance, but consistency is key! If you don’t give enough time to this, you will not be able to ever enjoy it.

Check out My Best Studio for an insight to get any kind of studio organized. Their management softwares help any size and any kind studio.

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is one who has any knowledge or credibility in the fitness field. They help clients by setting goals according to their needs and providing feedback and assessments. Personal trainers are hired to get undivided attention related to health and fitness purposes. You may want one too, and you’ll be dedicating a lot of money and time to your trainer so there are a few things you should look for in a personal trainer so you can get amazing results!

1. Experience and certification
Ask your personal trainer about his experience before hiring him. Find out about his previous clients and how they benefited with the help of the trainer. Also, check for certification, because there are too many frauds out in the market that may be a waste of money and a hazard to your health.

2. Personality
Personality can make or break a person’s opinion in your head. Meet up with your trainer in advance and check if you are comfortable with him. If you think you need someone to push you, than look for the firmness and surety in their personality. They should be motivating and should be able to get results out of you.

3. Availability and flexibility
Your trainer should be available on the same day and timings that you are. You may be able to adjust once or twice but it cannot happen all the time. You should be comfortable with them and they should have flexible hours so you don’t have to stress in case you need to cancel during emergencies.

4. Comfort
You should be comfortable with your trainer. You should be able to tell them where you are facing problems and what you would like to improve so you both can work on it together. Without the comfort factor, there can be a lot of awkwardness between the both of you which may not be able to get you the results you are working so hard for. Be open and honest with them and see the difference.

5. Effective and progress
Take a trial turn with your trainer and find out how you feel. Did they push you? Did they change up your routine? Do you feel at least a little sore? And most important, do you feel like you want another session with them? These questions will give you more answers than you can think. Your trainer should be able to say that, with their help, you have progressed and that’s when you will know that they are the right one.

Just make sure that you are comfortable with your personal trainer and they can get you your desired results. Check out My Best Studio for studio management softwares for personal training.

Ways To Give Your Studio A Boost

Every new studio struggles a bit to get a good start up. This is the most crucial time for the development of a studio and using key tricks of the trade is how you shall expand you studio and increase your business.

1. Offers and discounts
Everybody loves a discount or offer on new things. Give holiday discounts to new customers or give away free vouchers. The people who use them, will instantly fall in love with your studio and come back for more.

2. Promotions
Don’t be afraid to promote your studio on social media or via text. In today’s world, digital marketing is a huge platform so take advantage of it and it will help you reach countless more people.

3. Get an upgrade
Get your studio an upgrade by getting a good management software like we have at My Best Studio. Our studio management software will get your studio organized and make your work easy. It will give you access to every little detail at one click.

4. Easy access
With our studio management software you will get enough time to focus on your job. With a personalized app, a website, over 50 types of analyzed reports, unlimited staff access, schedules and much more your customers will have an easy access to your studio.

How To Create a Better Personal Training Website

If you want to stand out in the personal training industry, it is not enough to have excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge about fitness. With the increase of digitalization, your online presence has become increasingly necessary as it will not only help people find you but also allow you to showcase your expertise as a personal trainer. Your website must also be able to convince your prospective clients to trust you and your skills.

Here are some tips to get you started with the basics of a Personal Training website: 

A compelling About page
Your About page is important because it lets you talk about your experience and how that makes you an expert and professional in the field. If you want to increase your conversions, you should create a compelling About page that instills a sense of trust in your customers and narrates an interesting story. Tell your readers about your personality, goals, educational qualifications, and experience.

List your services and packages
Put greater emphasis on the outcome of your personal training instead of the process. Display the advantages of your services and how it can improve your  client’s physical well being. Your customers want to know the effects your training program would have.

Include feedback/reviews from your clients
Create a separate page that highlights the feedback received from clients. Display only genuine testimonials. You should keep in touch with your previous and existing clients and ask them if they are willing to provide a testimonial. It would be great if you can convince your clients to send  video testimonials as well, as those typically increase sign up and conversion rates.

Areas of operation
Your physical address is of utmost importance if you have your own website. It should feature the gyms or areas that you operate from and where you travel to. Adding your location can also enhance the Search Engine Optimization and increase the traffic to your website.

Pricing details
We advise that you list your prices on your page so your customers are informed. If they do not find the pricing details, they may end up visiting your competitors’ website and you may lose out on a customer.

Contact information
Your contact information is an integral part of your personal training website. Your email address and phone number should be included as a sticky header or footer on your website. It is also a good idea to highlight your social media profiles on your Contact page.

Regularly updated blog
Create a fitness/health blog for your website and include engaging content that is updated regularly. The content should be optimized for search engines through the use of keywords, images, meta descriptions, and etc.

Email newsletters
Email marketing is an effective marketing channel for every business. Include a signup form on your home page or as a pop up. Once someone subscribes, you should send out a welcome email and email newsletters at regular intervals. This will go a long way in brand building and letting your customers stay updated with you.

Your personal training website is an extension of you as a person. Make sure it leaves a memorable impact on the visitors and get them thinking about your services. If you are planning to start a personal training business, My Best Studio is here to help with any website design and development needs you may have. Contact us for a free consultation!

Best Fitness Software – Things You Should Know to Succeed

Best Fitness Software

Do you wish to build a larger customer base for your fitness studio but are unable to do so? Do you face challenges in managing time for your current customers and consequently end up losing a larger part of your potential revenue? Are you not able to introduce customer referral programs because of these same reasons?

It is true that with the consistent growth of your customer base, your business becomes more and more unmanageable. But it is equally true that changing your business management processes can ease you of the daunting operations.

Having said that, we are sharing some of the signs that makes it clear that you need a business management software.

Business Growth Can be Intimidating

Businesses cannot solely be managed by simple things like pens, paper, and Microsoft Excel. Moreover, these manual processes will not be able to cater to your needs of managing the businesses. You will have to automate and streamline the processes with the help of a software that can get synced with your business objectives.

If you fail to properly use and execute your current fitness software, you may end up losing your business revenue or won’t be able to measure its growth. My Best Studio can make these tasks a walk in the park for you.

Booking Is Challenging

If your front desk operations are giving you nightmares with booking, you need a business management software that has the following functions:

  • Self sign-in functionality for guests
  • Mobile booking
  • Automatic waitlisting
  • Push notifications
  • Easy renewal for memberships
  • Booking scheduler

This will save you a lot of time and labor.

Don’t Waste Time Following Up on Payments

It is a very stressful thing to keep asking for payments. However, your business management software will ensure that your members pay on time through their individual membership profile created on your fitness studio App.

Communication With the Members Is Exhausting

Imagine you have 50 members and emailing is your primary form of communication. Sometimes members do not open up emails. Updates about a classroom could be sent and your students may not receive it. Of course, that would be a difficult situation for both the parties.

Your app allows you to stay connected with your studio members 24/7. Through push notifications, you can send out messages and promotions to your members. It will help you build a better rapport with the members and bring more customers to you.

You Have No Idea How Many Members You Have

To be a successful businessman, you always need to have a clear idea about the following:

  • Number of members
  • Average sign-ups per month
  • Average number of people canceling a membership
  • Class Attendance
  • Number of Trainers

If you don’t have these details, it is time to have a business management software to store this all information in one place for easy access.

Wrapping Up

Be fully aware about where your business is heading, as well as its performance with My Best Studio Business Management Software. Furthermore, whether it is sales, payments, or attendances, get everything at your fingertips, it’s just a click away!